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How I reduced the time I spent explaining grades given to my students


My name is Wonder Fulidea, and I am a teacher in a course where there are about 40 students. The course is organized twice a semester. Students are

New tools for interactions on Zoom – New Whiteboard and more options in polls

Switching between several different apps in a session can be tiresome and confusing for both teachers and students. Good news is that apps like Zoom are already taking steps forward to

Course feedback: aiming for excellence – in wellbeing

Sometimes receiving feedback on teaching can feel difficult or tiring. When the world around us aims for perfection, we tend to think that we have failed somehow if

Turnitin, a Swiss Army knife of digital pedagogy?

These last few weeks, feedback in different forms has been the theme of the blogs written by my colleagues and me. Reading all these blogs got me thinking… Turnitin, our tool

Using MyCourses discussion forum as a peer assessment and feedback tool

It was one eye-opening discussion with a colleague over an afternoon coffee that got me thinking. I remember from the previous year’s teaching, how challenging it was to support community building

Turnitin, a writer’s tireless sparring partner

Writing, like all other skills, is learned through practice. Proficient writing skills, implying writing text that flows and in one’s own words, require a great of practice. An additional

Infusing assessment and feedback

After 12 years of full-time university teaching, Leo surprised himself by thinking that assessment is, well, fun. Where was the usual “Another day in the factory” feeling he usually fought against

How can we achieve the smooth landing on the post pandemic new normal in teaching and learning?

Create shared understanding with us and highlight your viewpoints on post-pandemic teaching! We invite you to share your teaching experiences both from ongoing academic year and your teaching needs for the

Not what it seems – counterintuitive ways to learn online better

In this article, we invite you to challenge some common assumptions about digital learning. Some of these ideas might already sound familiar, but as you go through them try to think

I am easy ♪ …like an icebreaker on a Monday morning! ♫

Icebreakers are small, easy-going, short activities that “break the ice” for a group of people. They are usually done at the beginning of a class or a meeting. For most of

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