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Webinar for Teachers on Spring 2021

Join next session Digital Collaborative learning feat. Jaan Praks  Wednesday 17.2.2021 at 12:00 See the more topics and link Zoom session in

Rakenna, rytmitä ja reflektoi – oppeja etäopettamiseen

KIRJOITTAJA: Marko Keskinen, professori, Vesi, kestävyys ja ratkaisut  — The short summary in English can be found here

Avoimien oppimateriaalien opas julkaistu

Teachers’ Dialogue 2.3.2021

Tervetuloa mukaan Teachers’ Dialogue -virtuaalitilaisuuteen tiistaina 2.3. klo 14.00 – 15.30. Tilaisuuden teemana on pedagogiset koulutukset – oman opetukseni kehittämisen tukena.

Lue lisää ja rekisteröidy osoitteesta:

Flinga is now available for all Aalto users

Flinga platform combines different mobile devices to function as a tool for collaborative knowledge construction.

See more about Flinga in wiki

If you want to digitalize a service, process modeling is everything

Author: Henna Paananen

Process work is the crucial starting point of the whole digitalization. Spending good time on the process first is definitely time well-spent, because if

Behind the digital curtains

Authors: Marko Riimala and Minna Vänskä

Have you ever thought why you still have to fill in a paper form and sign it by hand here in

Oh my, I have 400 students in my course. What can I do?

Authors: Tiina Lehtonen and Outi Rautakoura

Courses with 400 students are a reality in many schools. With digital tools, teachers can support student activity and learning even

New Practices and Increased Digitalization!

Authors: Katriina Korhonen, Petri Myllynen

The new year is well underway and as always, it is filled with hopes, expectations and plans, also some that have to

Working together over unit and team borders

Author: Jenni Sara

Aalto University had the honour of organising Opintoasiainpäivät from the 27th – to the 28 of September. Opintoasiainpäivät is national event put on by

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