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CS-E5470 Virtualization and IIoT (Autumn 2016)

A seminar for period II/2016 concentrating on computation in 5G based IIoT environments (3-10cr).

T-106.5840 Virtualized worlds (Autumn 2015)

A seminar for period II/2015 concentrating on virtualization in operating systems (3-10cr).

T-106.5840 Operating systems for Internet-of-Things (Autumn 2014)

A seminar for period II/2014 concentrating on operating systems (3-10cr).

T-106.5840 High-performance embedded computing (Autumn 2013)

A seminar for period II/2013 concentrating on parallel programming (3-10cr).

T-106.5840 Parallel processing with GPUs (Autumn 2012)

A seminar for periods I-II/2012 concentrating on GPUs (3-10cr).

T-106.5840 Program analysis for Modern Applications (Spring 2012)

A seminar for period IV/2012 concentrating on program analysis (3-10cr).

T-106.5840 Internet of Things (Autumn 2011)

A seminar for periods I-II/2011 concentrating on IoT issues (3-10cr).

T-106.5840 Timing Analysis for Real-Time Processing (Spring 2011)

A seminar for period IV/2011 concentrating on timing analysis (3cr).

T-106.5800 Engines for Web and Games (Autumn 2010)

A seminar for periods I-II/2010 concentrating on web and game engines (3-5cr).

T-106.5840 Energy efficient computing for mobile devices (Autumn 2008)

A seminar for periods I-II/2008 (3-5cr)

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