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Seminar introduction

T-106.5840 first session that was 2011/04/07. Some notes on the session.

Scope and motivation

The basic list of topics are the typical WCET topics, e.g.,

However, we will try to see the connection towards novel computing.

  • DSP and GPU computing
  • reconfigurable computing

We should see what is there.

We will also try to address the modeling issues (in addition)


We went through

  • basics of the seminar setting
  • assigned the topic list and set a schedule
  • discussed the seminar setting
    • the basic paper (Wilhelm et. al.) is getting old
    • we have the WCET forum
    • we try to dig up the novel issues



  • We use the group ESG/Timing analysis to collect and annotate literature.
    • new to some of the attendees
  • Seminar wiki
    • access issues


Introduction to the seminar

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