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Code: BIZ40310

Extent: 24 credits

Language: Language studies

Responsible professors: XX

Target group: School of Business degree students only

Application procedure: Degree students at Aalto School of Business do not need to separately apply for a study right for the minor.

Description of the minor

Wide-based and diverse language and communication skills are a central part of the professional skills of an internationally oriented expert of economics and business administration. The Minor in Multilingual Business Communication gives the students an opportunity to deepen their intercultural competencies and business communication skills.

Learning outcomes

Upon graduation, a student who has earned the Minor in Multilingual Business Communication will have gained an understanding of

  • the importance of culture as part of the business, economy and society of a language area;
  • the particular features and developments in the society, culture and history of the language area;
  • the culture and business etiquette in the language area; and
  • the particular features and topical issues of the business and economy of the language area.

In addition, the students will demonstrate ability

at the target level B1.2

  • to communicate fairly fluently in oral and written everyday communicative situations;
  • to use basic business terminology and understand the key contents of business-related texts; and
  • to discuss briefly while justifying his or her views and to present the operations of the company.

at target level B2

  • to communicate fairly fluently in everyday oral and written business communicative situations;
  • to use the key terminology of business and understand even demanding texts of the field; and
  • to interact in negotiations and discussions and perform and argue naturally.

at target level C1

  • to communicate fluently, precisely and context-appropriately in oral and written communicative situations typical for international expert duties;
  • to use a wide range of business terminology and understanding demanding business-related texts with ease; and
  • for interaction, performance, argumentation and reporting to a degree required in a variety of expert duties.

Structure of studies 24 cr

The Minor in Multilingual Business Communication (24 cr) consists of two 12-credit study entities completed in two different languages. The minor may be counted towards either the Bachelor or Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration).

Students start their studies in both the languages selected at their skill level and compile the entity by taking successive courses (see details under each language). The minor cannot include any elementary courses; the lowest starting level is the level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (Business Communication 1 level). Depending on the starting level of the student, the target level of the minor may be B2-C1. In languages not written in the Latin alphabet (Russian), the target level may be B1.2-C1, while the starting level for the same may be A1.3. In accordance with the objectives of the degrees, the Minor in Multilingual Business Communication may consist of only courses aimed at business students.

Courses counted towards the minor by language

The teaching language of courses is mainly the same as the object language of a course.  In some classes with a lower learning objective (CEFR B1) Finnish can be used as an auxiliary teaching language. If you have questions about the teaching language please consult the teacher of the course you are interested in.


French Business Communication 1


 German Business Communication 1


Liike-elämän saksaa 1a

3 cr



Liike-elämän saksaa 1b 

3 cr


German Business Communication 2



Liike-elämän saksaa 2a

3 cr



Liike-elämän saksaa 2b 

3 cr


German Business Communication 3



3-6 cr



Liike-elämän saksaa 3a 

3 cr



Deutsch fürs Management 

3 cr


Russian Business Communincation 1


Spanish Business Communication 1