Digitalisation of Courses

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Video Production

Equipment for better quality videos for your course.

Professional Digital Production Approach

In Aalto we have Aalto Studios, which provides us with unique opportunities to create high-quality audio-visual productions. However, it is still somewhat expensive and thus, it helps to be a bit prepared when thinking of a professional level production.

Making your material more sustainable may be one of the most difficult tasks for digital content creators, but we can identify a couple of key aspects to make this possible:

  1. Focus on topics and content that do not change quickly
  2. Ensure that the content works pedagogically / narratively / experientially
  3. Aim for good technical production quality

All these activities require collaboration with people who have experiences in AV production.

Examples of productions where our team has been involved as directors, screenwriters, interviewees, and pedagogues:

The above examples are shared in Vimeo. Aalto has the Panopto service, which is currently working very well, and it enables you to add subtitles rather easily. You may also want to consider also YouTube, if you want to create material that might even attract interest beyond our current students, and hopefully attract them to join us in future :)

If you have comments, questions, or specific desires, please, feel free to contact! You can also directly fill in the funding application here: It is open.

Editing a video with DaVinci Resolve (Free version)

> Watch in Panopto



Video editing

Sharing / integrating to web pages

Adding subtitles

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