Digitalisation of Courses

ELEC digi

Remote Teaching 

Tools and equipment for running courses successfully fully online.

Better webcam and lighting

Without ELEC takeout tools (left) and with ELEC takeout tools (right) 

Boosting the quality of your video calls can be achieved easily. Above you can see the difference between two setups: 1) a laptop camera without normal room lighting, window behind (left), and 2) the same laptop with a video camera attached and proper lighting (LED panels) (right). We have also placed the camera on the eye-level and framed the image better. With these tricks you may provide a clearer presentation.

Equipment used in the setup (you can find these in ELEC takeout):

  • Sony 4K video camera kit (camera, mic, batteries, charger, carrying bag)
  • Elgato Cam Link 4K (the link device, connecting camera to laptop, requires high speed USB, i.e. USB 3.0)
  • LED panels (Ledgo 2-panel kit)
  • Table mount for the camera (Elgato Multimount kit)

Setting up the video camera as a webcam (> Aalto Panopto).

Setting up the LED light panel (> Aalto Panopto)

Setting up the ring light (> Aalto Panopto).

Setting up the Jabra speak (> Aalto Panopto)

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