Digitalisation of Courses

ELEC digi

Hybrid Teaching 

Tools and equipment for running successful hybrid sessions.

Making it work

Step 1: Use two computers: host and presenter (you may also add a monitor - to see/hear how the stream works)

Step 2: Connect all audio equipment (speakers & mics / Jabra) to the host computer

Step 3: Open the Zoom/Teams session in the host computer

Step 4: Join the session with the presenter computer and start the show

Below is a video how Jari Holopainen did his teaching in autumn 2021

Do you need subtitles? → Open the video in Aalto Panopto service

ELEC Takeout lends out the following wireless microphones:

  • Jabra Speak (a Bluetooth microphone and speaker in one)
  • Røde Wireless Microphones with JBL GO 3 wireless speaker (TBD)

With a wireless microphone you do not have to worry about the online participants not hearing you well. The range of the wireless connection of Røde Wireless Go is around 70 meters. We also provide a setup that has up to 6 parallel wireless microphones to cover a larger space.

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