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Since 1.8.2018 the responsible teachers of the courses, study modules and degree programmes make the decisions for transferring credits to Aalto university’s degree programmes.

The decision are made in the Nintex workflow system on

User rights

Log in the the Nintex system with your Aalto username and password. You don’t have to apply for separate user access to Nintex.

Automated e-mail about a new application

The decision maker receives an automated e-mail, when she/he is asked to make a decision for credit transfer. There is a direct link to the decision form in the e-mail.

 Automated e-mail

Credit transfer application is waiting for your decision.

A student has applied for credit transfer on a course, study module or study programme in which you are a responsible teacher. The decision for credit transfer is done based on a decision proposal.

Student's name: Student's name

Presenting official: Teacher's name

Make the decision for credit transfer here: Direct link to the decision form

Link to user instructions: Link to this page

Please make the decision for credit transfer within 2 weeks. If you have questions about making the decision in the online application system, please contact the presenting official.

Application ID: 123

This is an automatic notification sent by the system. Please don't reply this e-mail.

You can also view the open tasks asigned to you here: or go to >> My workflow tasks

Contents of the decision form

The decision is made based on a decision proposal. The decision proposal is made by the planning officer of the degree programme or by other learning services personnel.

The decision form contains:

  1. student’s application (can include corrections made by the maker of the decision proposal, if needed)
  2. the appendices to the student’s application as pdf files (transcript of records, course descriptions, study plan)  and the student’s original application as pdf
  3. decision proposal
  4. decision

Making the decision

Read the decision proposal and the student’s application and the appendices, when needed. Make the decision by choosing one of the following options: Decision according to the proposal or Decision not according to the proposal.

When you press the Make decision button, the decision is made and instantly e-mailed to the student, registrar and the maker of the decision proposal. 

Decision not according to the proposal - contact the maker of the decision proposal

Always contact the maker of the decision proposal before making a decision not based on the decision proposal. If there is need to change the decision proposal, please wait until the maker of the decision proposal has changed the proposal before making the decision based on the changed proposal.

Decision proposalDecisionWho will write the justification
Credit transfer will not be grantedDecision according to the proposalMaker of the decision proposal
Credit transfer will be grantedDecision not according to the proposal

Decision maker

Write the justification in the student's preferred language for communication, if possible. The student's preferred language for contact can be found on the top of the decision form.

Additional information?

If you have questions about the decision proposal or anything else related to making the decision, please contact the maker of the decision proposal by e-mail. 

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