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Oy Moomin Characters Ltd.


The intellectual property created by authors of creative work is the most important commodity for a company in the creative industries. An author of a work should know their rights and manage their intellectual property in a professional manner. For example, painter, cartoonist and author Tove Jansson retained the intellectual property rights to her works and the characters in her works.  This allowed her and her rightholders to license her works for various media [1]. Licensing allows the author to maintain artistic control over the use of their work.

Here is the table of content of this article:


1. Copyright Agreements

1.1 Copyright in Employment

1.2 Computer Programs and Employee Copyright

1.3 Licensing and Ownership

1.4 Registered Intellectual Property

1.5 Copyright: Personal Property or Property of a Company


2. Intellectual Property and Value Added Tax


3. Compensation for Copyright or Industry Property Right

3.1 The Photograph, Photographic Work and Other Works of Fine Art


4. The Entrepreneur as Employer

4.1 Compensation for Use and Social Security

4.2 Marketing Considerations

4.3 Links for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Notes and References

[1] Oy Moomin Characters Ltd.