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Shogun Kunitoki Band Portrait
Photo: Shogun Kunitoki

This article discusses the copyrights of the authors of musical compositions, lyrics and arrangements, and the related rights of the work of performing artists and producers. Furthermore, the transfer of the copyrights and the related rights in the case of music related works are discussed. The administration of these rights by the musical copyright societies are also addressed. The article is structured as follows:


1. Musical Composition

1.1 Musical Composition Copyright Creation

1.2 Musical Composition: Economic Rights

1.3 Musical Composition: Moral Rights

1.4 Restrictive Provisions

1.5 Expiry of a Composition's Copyright


2. Lyrics

2.1 Lyrics: Economic and Moral Rights

2.2 Lyrics: Terms of Protection


3. Arrangement

3.1 Arrangement Copyright Creation

3.2 Arrangement: Economic and Moral Rights

3.3 Arrangement: Terms of Protection

3.4 Arrangement in the Public Domain


4. Performing Art and Producers' Work

4.1 Performing Art: Economic and Moral Rights

4.2 Audio Recording Production: Economic and Moral Rights

4.3 Imposed Restrictions on the Protection of Related Rights

4.4 Expiry of Related Right


5. Transfer of Copyright

5.1 Publishing Contracts


6. Transfer of Related Rights

6.1 Recording Contracts


7. The Finnish Composers' Copyright Society

7.1 Society¿s Operation

7.2 Membership Agreement

7.3 Required Permissions


8. Finnish Society for Performing Artists and Phonogram Producers

8.1 Membership Agreement

8.2 Accrual of Royalties


9. Frequently Asked Questions