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Left: Screen shot of the ARSCA database                      
Right: Character design of computer game Cold Blood by Arash John Sammander, Eetu Kupiainen, Jaakko Kemppainen, Jussi
Litja, Anne-Marie Grönroos and Taro Morimoto
Photo: Anna Keune


This article discusses the copyright of the authors of computer programs, games,  and compilations and the sui generis right to databases and how they can be used. Furthermore,  transfer of the rights is discussed. The article is structured as follows:


1. Computer Programs

1.1 Copyright Requirements


2. Computer Program Copyright Protection

2.1. Copyright Protection of Code

2.2. Copyright Protection of Program Architecture

2.3 Copyright Protection of Graphic User Interface


3. Copyright Holder

3.1 Rights Transferred to the Employer

3.2 Cooperation and Copyright


4. Moral Rights.


5. Economic Rights.


6. Using Computer Program Works .


7. Licensing and Service Agreements

7.1 Contracting Techniques


8. Games
8.1 Division of Rights

8.2 Background of Game Copyright

8.3 Games as Computer Programs

8.4 Games as Audio Visual Works

8.5 Creating Games and the Rights of Others


9. Copyrighted Collections

9.1 Compilations

9.2 Protection of Catalogues and Databases

9.3 Overlapping Rights


10. Frequently Asked Question