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Can a snowman be protected by copyright law? What about hairy underwear? Does a programmer have paternity rights? How is the length of copyright term on an opera calculated?

Concrete and easy to understand answers to these and many more questions regarding copyright in the creative field can be found within this wiki space of the Art University Copyright Advice. The materials cover copyright issues in areas of:

The online copyright materials were compiled with support from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project's steering group is comprised of representatives from the universities that maintain the Copyright Advisory Service, including the Aalto University, the Theatre Academy, the Sibelius Academy and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. The online content was initially compiled and written by Jukka Jäske, Master of Law, Tiina Nevanperä, Master of Art and Master of Law, and Copyright Attorney Maria Rehbinder, Master of Law.

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Please note that the following guidelines are a best faith effort by the Art University Copyright Attorney to summarize Finnish copyright law  and  case law concerning the use of  works and material protected by copyright law. This advisory material is not intended to replace the use of a lawyer. Aalto University or other universities maintaining the service can not be held responsible for any damages.

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