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With the membership agreement, the members (performing artists and phonogram producers) transfer their rights that arise from the Copyright Act to Gramex that enforces them in Finland and abroad.

At the same time, Gramex is authorized to:

  • Enter into contracts regarding the exploitation and compensation of transferred rights, and to collect, receive and hold royalties until their distribution,
  • Represent itself in any disputes and legal proceedings relating to the rights it enforces,
  • Develop a royalties distribution system with similar organizations abroad to improve its efficiency,
  • Promote legislative initiatives that strengthen the members' rights.

The responsibilities of the members include:

  • To submit complete recording reports to Gramex in accordance with the procedure approved by Gramex,
  • To declare any memberships in similar organizations abroad,
  • To report personal information and any changes in them to Gramex,
  • To report any changes in the ownership and possession of the transferred rights.

It is in the members' own interest to fully comply with these obligations. If a member fails to comply with their obligations, Gramex is entitled to deduct an accounting fee from the royalties payable to him according to the distribution rules [1].

Notes and References

[1] Gramex Membership Agreement