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  • 7.3 Required Permissions
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Teosto's permission is always required when music made by Teosto rightholders is performed to the public (all other instances of performing but performances to family or a private gathering) or recorded on an audio or visual recording. Teosto can only grant permission to use music by its member authors.


Music in Events

Teosto's permission is required when a work is performed to the public, e.g. in a concert, festival, dance, customer event, or any other similar event. The fee depends, among other things, on the number of attendants, the area of the event site, and whether music is the main content of the event or not. The event organizer is responsible for applying for the permission before the event takes place. It should be noted that if recorded music is to be performed at the event, permission is required from Gramex, too. Gramex' way of operating is explained later on in this article. [1]



Permission for recording music is required from Teosto, if the recording is to be used for any purposes other than private ones. Hence, permission is required when the recording is used for gain. Thus, permission is required to transfer music from a computer to a CD or an MP3 player if the music will be used for any purposes other than private ones. For example, a DJ needs to obtain a permission to record music to play it in a restaurant. Permission is required if the phonogram is to contain music by an author represented by Teosto or the Nordic Copyright Bureau (NBC). The producer of the phonogram must report the phonogram's content before publishing it. [2]

As a rule, permission is required to record music regardless of whether it is the author's own music or not. In certain cases, authors can record their music without a recording permit. If the following conditions are met, the recording party is usually exempted from paying the recording fee: the producer and the author must be one and the same person, it must be the first edition of the album, and the maximum print cannot exceed 1,000 copies. [3]

It should be noted that the recording permit does not authorize arranging the musical compositions. The permission to arrange a published work can be obtained from the publisher. If the work has not been published, the permission to arrange and translate it can be obtained directly from the right-holder. If necessary, Teosto can help obtain the publisher's or right-holder's contact information. However, Teosto will not apply for the permission on your behalf. [4]


Online Use

As a rule, permission is required from Teosto whenever music is put on the internet. Permission is also required from the musicians and record companies (e.g. through Gramex). [5]

Teosto's internet license is also required when an author puts music on a private or their band's website, or a social network service, such as MySpace. The internet license is free of charge for Teosto members. The license presumes that the music is made available free of charge. [6] If the band or musician plays cover versions, the fee is 0.07 Euros per download.

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