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  • 7.2 Membership Agreement
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Authors of music (composers, arrangers, writers of lyrics) and writers, who hold a copyright to a musical work or a related written work, can become members of Teosto. At least one of the applicant's works must have been performed to the public or recorded on an audio or visual recording. Similarly, a right-holder who has received the copyrights of a deceased author of music or writer through inheritance, testament or marital right to property can become a member of Teosto during the copyright's term of validity. Publishers who publish music on a constant basis can become publisher members of Teosto. Becoming a member requires signing the membership agreement that defines the rights transferred to Teosto by the member and the contracting parties' other rights and obligations.

With the membership agreement, the author transfers the following rights to Teosto as of the creation date of each work:

  • The right to perform and rent the works to the public, and otherwise make the works available to the public.
  • The right to record the works on an audio or video tape.
  • The right to receive, hold and distribute royalties payable to the member according to the Copyright Act.

Teosto does not oversee the performing of music that is composed specifically for an opera, operetta, ballet, play or any other music for stage (stage works' rights) [1]. This is the case when the work is performed in its original context as a stage work. Here the author is responsible for managing the rights, i.e. permission for performing a work that is protected by stage works' rights should be obtained directly from the author. It should also be noted that this exception relating to stage works' rights apply to performances of the work only. Thus, the permission to record a stage work is granted by Teosto.

The exception does not apply if the music that was composed specifically for a stage work is performed outside its original context. If necessary, Teosto's Board has the power to determine what "original context" means. For example, Teosto is entitled to collect royalties if parts of music composed for a stage work are performed in a concert or in some other context.

Notes and References

[1] Teosto Membership Agreement