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Overview of Economic and Moral Rights of Lyrics

The writer of lyrics has the exclusive right to make the exploitation of the lyrics subject to his permission. Writers of lyrics are protected by the same economic and moral rights as composers. For more information on the economic and moral rights of the author of Lyrics, please view section 'Economic Rights of the Composer' and section 'Moral Rights of the Composer'.


Exception to the Copyright of Lyrics

If the musical composition is performed with lyrics, the text can be included in the concert program for the audience [1]. The purpose of the exception is to enable the use of the text in the context of a performance. This applies to both classical and popular music. However, performing the musical composition must be authorized. This will be explained in more detail at a later point in this article, under the title `Economic and Moral Rights of the Arranger¿.

According to the Copyright Council's opinion 1996:6, the lyrics of a song could have been printed without the author's consent to be used by the audience during a songfest [2].

Notes and References

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[2] Copyright Council, opinion 1996:6