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Welcome to the CAD and CAE Team site!

The CAD and CAE team is part of the Department of Engineering Design and Production - School of Engineering at Aalto University.

The overall research objective of the group is the systematic exploitation of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Engineerin (CAE) software as main driver for the product development process.

In order to ensure the success of their products, manufactures are forced to reduce development cost and time, improve performance and durability while introducing new technologies. A lot of effort has been put to lower lifecycle costs, to reduce design cycle and development time and to improve product performance. Simulation-based design (SBD) has been identified as the primary mean to overcome above mentioned challenges. The main idea behind simulation-based design is fairly simple: Simulations should be integrated in the design from the beginning of the product development so that designers have a better understanding of how the product works and how design changes alter the behavior of the entire product.