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Aalto Service Camp 2010


Aalto Service Camp is an Aalto-wide, cross-disciplinary service innovation course. Students work in groups of 4-6 students, each group having members from all three schools of Aalto. A group innovates a new service, through all the steps from initial idea to implemented service. The core of the course consists of four intensive periods: concept camp, design camp, implementation camp, and experimentation camp.

Since services embody variety of practices, systems and models, their successful creation depends on balanced combination of design, technology and business perspectives. The contribution of different disciplines makes all stages more creative, and the students learn and benefit of the viewpoints of other disciplines.

Venture capitalists will be following the course and will evaluate the projects to give the groups real-life business perspective and to identify routes of further development for promising service prototypes.


The practical outcomes of the course will be implemented and tested service prototypes. The course will give the opportunity to learn through hands on collaborative activities concept design, business modeling, design techniques and tools, rapid development methods and technologies, evaluation and communication strategies. Students will also create a network of transdisciplinary contacts building a platform for future initiatives.

Credit points and inclusion to study programs

The course is intended for all Aalto students interested in innovation of digital services and (1) working towards their M.Sc. degree or (2) doing their postgraduate studies.

The number of credit points is 5 - 8 per student depending on (1) the challenges of the project topic and (2) the amount and quality of work done. In the beginning of the course the students can tell their credit point goals so that the groups can better allocate the work within a project.

Each School will accept the course and has its own substitution arragements. For instance, in School of Science and Technology the course can substitute at least other T-106 project courses, and in SDE program it can substitute other C-module courses. Other substitution arrangements can be negotiated with appropriate organizers.


Aalto University, School of Science and Technology

Heikki Saikkonen, Esko Nuutila, Seppo Törmä

Aalto University, School of Economics

Virpi Tuunainen, Risto Rajala, Matti Rossi

Aalto University, School of Art and Design

Turkka Keinonen, Giulio Jacucci, Håkan Mitts

Aalto University, Helsinki Institute of Information Technology

Anu Kankainen


The course begins on March 15, 2010 with a one day session, including the team formation. The attendance to this session, as well as to all of the four camps is mandatory for each participant. The course ends with the last camp on May 31, 2010.

The groups will be from 4 to 6 students. The camps will provide each group with a place to work, and a video projector or a screen. Some computing equipment and mobile devices can be provided by the hosts of the camps but the participants will benefit if they can have their own equipment (such as laptops) available at the camps.

Groups are expected to create a Web page through which they can show the content, progress, and results of their work.








2010-03-15 (Mon) 9-16


Team formation
Concepting (Anu Kankainen)
Perspective of a venture capitalist
(Pekka Salonoja/Nexit Ventures)



2010-03-17 (Wed) 12-16


Concepting and business model
design (Virpi Tuunainen, Risto Rajala,
Matti Rossi)



2010-03-25 (Thu) and
2010-03-26 (Fri) 9-17


Concept camp

Concept presentation


2010-04-08 (Thu) 10-12


User-centered design methods
(Giulio Jacucci)



2010-04-12 (Mon) 9-12


Design tools (Nokia)



2010-04-15 (Thu) 9-12


Enabling technologies
(Antti Virolainen, Juho Makkonen)



2010-04-22 (Thu) and
2010-04-23 (Fri) 9-17

(869 &

Design Camp



2010-05-03 (Mon) 9-12


Agile practices - How to
come up with service fast?
Service composition (Ville Peltola, IBM)



2010-05-06 (Thu) 9-12


Software development
environments - Django, Qt



2010-05-24 (Mon) -
2010-05-28 (Fri) 9-17


Implementation camp

Implemented service


2010-05-31 (Mon) 9-17


Experiences camp

Improved service, evaluation

Special prize

A special prize of 1000 euros will be awarded to the best project in the end of the course.


Registration to the course is at the opening session (15.3.2010). You can pre-register to the course at the page Pre-registration.


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Kateryna Fan

Janne Vanhala

Wu Yuan

Bo Pang

Juha Suomalainen

Meng Tao

Wang Meng

Junqing Song

Masaichi Ikeda

Hyunjeong Regina Kim

Xiong yalei

Stefanie Hofemann

Kristoffer Snabb

Jari Pääkkö

Ming Li

Johanna Immonen

Juha Solla

Mesut Paksoy

Yao zhishuai

Lisa De Laurentiis


Tatu Lyytinen

Wang xirui

Niina Gromov

Self-observation assignment 

Places and moving between them:

1.Mark your places on that day
2.Mark why you have been in those places and what you did there
3.Draw lines between the places and mark how you have travelled between then and why

Social interaction need:

1.Mark on the places what kind of social interaction you had there
2.Mark on the places what kind of social interaction you would like to have there
3.Mark on your routes what kind of social interaction you had during them
4.Mark on your routes what kind of social interaction you would like to have during them

Information / media content need:

1.Mark on the places what kind of information/media you consumed there
2.Mark on the places what kind of information/media you would like to have there
3.Mark on your routes what kind of information/media you consumed during them
4.Mark on your routes what kind of information/media you would like to consume during them

Service ecology need:

1.Mark on the places what kind of services (both digital and physical) you used there
2.Mark on the places what kind of services (both digital and physical) you would like to have there
3.Mark on your routes what kind of services (both digital and physical) you used during them
4.Mark on your routes what kind of services (both digital and physical) you would like to use during them

Lecture on Concepting and business model design, 17.3.2010

Here are the slides from the lecture:

Virpi Tuunainen:

Matti Rossi:
Aalto Service Camp_ADR_MR.pdf

Risto Rajala:
Aalto Service Camp_business models_RR.pdf

Lecture about OtaSizzle platform, 15.4.2010

The "slides" of the lecture:

The Aalto Social Interface documentation:

Access to Design Factory facilities outside camps.

The Aalto Service Camp is an offcially registered Design Camp course. Students therefore have access to Design Factory facilities between camps. During office ours you can get in by simply ringing the doorbell.

If a group wants to do group work at the Design Factory outside office hours (which are mighty flexible at the Design Factory), you can also get an access card. The way to get the card is to drop in at the Design Factory once during business hours. You will get a permit and with the permit you can borrow access cards at the Otaniemi library.

Note that not all team members need the access card to be allowed in.

User centric design

User Centric Desig Slides by Giulio Jacucci.

Implementation lectures

IBM presentation material by Ville Peltola at IBM

Mobile and Qt programming by Andreas Jakl from Nokia.

Team pages

Group 1: Online brainstorming environment for communities and groups

Find the group information here>> Group 1 home page

Group 2: Mobile real life language learning

Find the group information here>> MoLe - Aalto Service Camp 2010

Group 3:Mobile Diet Analyser 

Find the group information here>> WWW - MDA  

Group 4: Get in touch with the locals all over the world!!

Find the group information here>> Our website!

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