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Aalto-LaTeX is the place where you can find the (official) Aalto University packages and classes for LaTeX. The official logo package implements the Aalto Visual Guidelines and a bunch of useful functionalities for your own documents, packages, and classes. Feel free to use the package in your own documents, packages, and classes!

At the moment, the following (official) packages/classes that use the aaltologo package have been published:

  • The aaltoseries class, a class file that provides the definitions that can be used in the Aalto University publication series (that is, article collections, dissertations, reports, and working papers. Not Master's theses)

Furthermore, Aalto-LaTeX is a community effort. You are encouraged use the logo package and create and share document templates with it. There is a need for numerous templates including theses, slides, reports etc. Please use this wiki space for your contributions.

For example, a Beamer template for slideshows exists!

For unofficial contributions, there is the Development Playground that is used to develop the templates. Before uploading your work, read the Guidelines for Package and Class Writers page first. And contact me martin.vermeer at aalto.fi !

Other sources of Aalto LateX templates

  • Luis de Jussilainen Costa has developed and is maintaining a Master's thesis template, originally for electrical engineering, but believed to be good for all of Aalto. Also Bachelor's theses are supported.

(Note that Engineering requires the use of 'Maisteriohjelma' not 'Koulutusohjelma'. You can change that yourself in the file aaltothesis.cls. If you are courageous, you can play with changing the layout in the abstractpage environment.)

Informing the Updates of Packages and Classes

Bug fixes and feature updates of the official packages and classes are announced via the blog of this space. You get informed about the latest versions by following the blog so it is wise to follow this space (registered users only).

Bug fixes and feature updates of the unofficial packages and classes are announced in the Development Playground under the section where the package/class have been published. The update information is given as a comment.

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