You can share your contributions under these Development Playground pages. Upload your solution to the section that corresponds to the main use of your package/class. There, the users of Aalto-LaTeX can give comments on your work so you can develop and improve your work. Here in the Development Playground, different solutions can co-exist. From these parallel solutions, a combinative solution that uses the best parts of the propositions will be developed, and this solution will become the official template for that task. Summa summarum, the development happens via community contribution.

For detailed guidelines, consult the Guidelines to Package and Class Writers page. When uploading your contribution, add a brief description of your contribution to the end of the section page. This brief description should contain your name, the main purpose of your contribution, and a list of files your contribution includes. An example is given below.

Example contribution

  • Contributor: John Smith
  • Contribution purpose: An example contribution that implements an example contribution
  • example.sty - The example contribution package
  • example.cls - The example contribution class
  • example.pdf - The example contribution documentation
  • examples/ - The example contribution examples folder

1 Comment

    • Contributor: Hassan Naseri
    • Contribution purpose: Modified margins of aaltoseries, extra examples to dissertation.tex
    • Files:

    — Changes —


    - Margins and line spacing are modified. I checked some dissertations and guidelines to come up with these margins. Let me know your feedback. The geometry for dissertation is not correct yet, it is set for A4 at the moment. One needs to define actual page sizes and layout for different publication types.


    - I added more math examples from AMS Match example.

    - I modified line spacing for math. This needs to be done in the template.

    - I added a source code listing example. But we need more examples and longer multi-page boxed listings.


    — TODO —

    - microtype package should be added for better typesetting. This needs to be done before many other packages. 

    - A better monotype font can be used to render better prints and match with text font.

    - The order of packages are important. It is advisable to load math packages in the template before font settings, rather than the user document, to guarantee the integrity. 

    I tried the following lines in the aaltologo and it worked well. But loading math in aaltologo may not be advisable.

     \RequirePackage[protrusion=true, expansion=true,final,babel=true]{microtype}
     % Load AMS math packages before other packages
    \interdisplaylinepenalty=2500 % after amsmath to restore bad page breaks
     % Set the serif font (Century Schoolbook)
     % Set the sans serif font (Helvetica)
     % Sets the typewriter font (Beramono
     \RequirePackage[scaled=.85]{beramono}% typewriter font 
     % Set math font (Century Schoolbook)
     \usepackage{textcomp} % Extra math symbols
     \usepackage[scr=boondoxo]{mathalfa} % Loading caligraphic math symbols
     % Define semibold as bold shape for typewriter family
     % load bold math typefaces after all math packages