The Beamer themes are now in the git repository: Clone or download as zip  – Martin Vermeer

This page will contain the Beamer (LaTeX class for creating presentations) themes that follow the visual identity guidelines of Aalto University.

There will be two themes published when I manage to have time. Note that I no longer work for Aalto University, so this isn't necessarily on the top of my todo list.


  1. Official (Unofficial,) undocumented version available

    Official Unofficial (i.e., it hasn't been FULLY approved by the Aalto University Marketing and Communications) and undocumented (i.e, you won't get the accompanying documentation) draft version of current Aalto University Beamer themes is available by request from the creator (you get the email address by clicking the page adder's name above).

    Jussi Pekonen, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

    1. Speaking as a lecturer who's happily used this theme for a whole course already, I have to ask: When is the official version going to be released? Is getting the theme approved the part that's taking so long, or something else?

      1. The themes have been fully approved, but I haven't had time to write the documentation. These themes use some extensions to the default behavior of the Beamer class, hence they require careful documentation before I feel that they can be published. At the moment I have been busy with finishing the research for my doctoral thesis, after which I have to write the thesis too... I hope that I can dedicate time for this in August, but I can't promise anything for sure. The themes will become public before the end of this year.

        Jussi Pekonen, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

    2. Beamer theme is still not available. I am willing to work on it.

  2. If it requires (months worth of) careful documentation, it's too complex. Publish it, or delete it.

    I'll try Keynote or Libre Office, and see if they can import some half-baked ppt.

    1. First, if you can't read, don't complain. The themes have been available via request as stated in the first comment above. According to my records, you haven't asked for them.

      Second, I don't get paid for doing this. Therefore, I write the documentation on my free time, which I don't have (or haven't had) as much as I would like to (practically none). The documentation is coming before the end of this year, that's a promise. At the moment it seems that I won't work for Aalto in 2012, so I finish this project by that.

      Jussi Pekonen, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

  3. I consider the careful documentation of the aaltoseries class a good example of how LaTeX classes should be documented. Careful documentation takes time, but is very valuable to users. Efforts like this should be appreciated, especially if done without any monetary compensation.

  4. I agree with Otto Puolakka, as I have been using this template for almost 3 years and I like it very much. 

  5. Hei,

    Where can I find the beamer theme. Aparently Jussi's mail is not workng.



  6. Hi,

    I would also like the beamer theme if possible.


  7. OK the Aalto Beamer theme files are now at

    Have at it, and send me any pull requests to get it working properly (smile)

  8. Hi! Is there any way to control the colors? Instead of randomizing the logo style and color, and the resulting main color in the slides. For example, how to fix yellow logo and purple theme color?

    Many thanks, Pauliina