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The aaltoseries class has been updated to version 1.1.2 (note the detailed bug fixes below), you can download it from the aaltoseries page (direct link to the package). It is recommended that you download the updated version and use that instead of version 1.0 (and versions 1.1 and 1.1.1). The updates are discussed in more detail below.

Bug Fixes

There were a few bugs in the version 1.0 of the class. The most notable was the incompatibility issue with the hyperref package that caused documents with referable lists (like bibliography) to produce insolvable compilation errors. In version 1.1 this issue has been resolved, and the aaltoseries class is (or at least it should be) now compatible with the hyperref package.

In addition to that major bug, there were a few minor bugs that have been fixed in version 1.1. These bugs were small annoyances, and the maintainer cannot remember them anymore, because they have been fixed during several months.

Bug fixes in Version 1.1.2

There was a bug in the \widefigureshift command that didn't enable fractional shifts. In addition, commands \adderrata and \addcontribution didn't accept all properly formatted (La)TeX code as their arguments. Version 1.1.2 fixes these issues.

EDIT: The bug fix for the \addcontribution resulted in another bug when the class option 'nocontribution' was used. This issue has been fixed.

Bug fix in Version 1.1.1

There was still an incompatibility issue with the hyperref package in the updated version. The updated version 1.1.1 fixes this issue.

Feature updates

In addition to the bug fixes, the version 1.1 of the aaltoseries class provides two new class options. The first one is related to typesetting abstracts that contain special characters, like math, and/or formatting. The second is an option to suppress the page numbers from the publication information pages in article dissertations.

Class option 'nopagenumbers'

This class option enables a dissertation author to suppress the page numbers from the publication information pages in article dissertations. By default the page numbers are printed, but since many users were kindly asking for this feature, it is now available.

Class option 'abstracts'

This class option enables the author to typeset abstracts that contain special characters (like math) and/or formatting can be typeset. This feature is included because the publication platform does not support special characters or formatting, like bolding. To have such abstracts in your publication, the publication platform allows (or, will allow soon) you to upload the abstract as a PDF document. However, in that case the LaTeX document cannot contain other material because the PDF abstracts have a special page size. For further information, see the class documentation.

Jussi Pekonen, the maintainer of the aaltoseries class, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics