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The aaltologo package has been updated to version 1.1.1, and you can download it from the aaltologo page (direct link to the package). It is recommended that you download the updated version and use that instead of versions 1.0, 1.0.1, or 1.1 (an update uploaded on December 22, 2010). The updates of versions 1.1 and 1.1.1 are discussed in more detail below.

Logos of the New Schools

In the beginning of 2011, the School of Science and Technology was split into four schools. These new schools were previously faculties of the School of Science and Technology. Version 1.1 (and its update 1.1.1) provides the possibility to draw the logos of the new schools. The school is chosen via a package option like in the previous versions. The valid options are listed in the package documentation that is bundled in the distributed zip file.

The options for the School of Science and Technology are still accepted for legacy reasons, but they cause the package to cast a warning that the option is deprecated. Moreover, the logo will not contain the optional lines of the School of Science and Technology although one has given the package option for it.

School Abbreviations as Package Options

The official abbreviations of the schools has been decided. These abbreviations are accepted as the package options (without the Aalto prefix), and they set the school name variable accordingly so the logo of the school will be drawn. The list of the official abbreviations the package accepts as package options is given in the package documentation.

Color Media Change Command

In some cases, it would be required that the color media definition of the Aalto University colors needs to be changed in the running text. For that, from the version 1.1 onward the aaltologo package provides a command for that. The command is


where the optional parameter given in square brackets is one of the accepted package options for the color media: RGB, Coated, or Uncoated. If the optional parameter is not given, the color media is changed to RGB.

Font Change

The typewriter font that is typically used for typesetting code or pre-formatted text has been changed from version 1.0. The previously used Computer Modern Proportional did not suit for the purpose of the typewriter font, and therefore it was changed to TXTT.

Jussi Pekonen, the maintainer of the aaltologo package, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics