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Level B, Service maintained by Aalto University or its collaboration partner

The service may be taken to use by the university units and groups without separate authorisation. The administrator of the service may also be external to the university.



Webropol is an online analysis and survey tool. The software enables sending of electronic questionnaires and conducting both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data.
Aalto University has a campus license for the service. Aalto students and personnel can use the service for free.

Valuation  (29.01.2014)

Webropol’s basic features are: 1) Planning of a questionnaire, 2) Collecting responses either through e-mail or link, 3) Real-time reporting (Web graphics) and 4) Raw data in different formats (e.g. matrices to be used in, for example, Excel). The campus license includes the following components: Information gathering and reporting tools, Text Mining, Insight, Scientific and e-Scoring.

Please find more information at https://into.aalto.fi/display/fiit/Sahkoinen+kyselyjarjestelma+Webropol.

+ A free-of-charge service approved by Aalto University


With an Aalto account at www.survey.aalto.fi.


Aalto IT servicedesk(at)aalto.fi.

Webropol helpdesk(at)webropol.fi. Tel: 0600 17005 (Mon - Fri 7:45-16:30 (3,00 €/min + pvm) 

Each Aalto University campus has an admin person who is able to create user accounts. Training and instructions are provided by Webropol.


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