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Level C, Evaluated cloud services

The service is created and maintained by a third party. As a rule, no support is provided for the use of the service.

Any material or discussions intended for Aalto University members only shall not be processed using C level services.

Keep in mind that public cloud services often disclose information to third parties, and may also claim ownership of the information or change licence terms and conditions without informing its users of the changes.

If the service use involves
(1) processing of personal data, (2) processing of secret material,  (3) processing of bank details, (4) administration requirements, (5) requirements for 24/7 usability, (6) licences, (7) costs, (8) a large number of users, (9) several units
always contact the 
Aalto IT services & help.

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Valuation (21.04.2020)

Skype is provided by Microsoft Corporation.

Skype offers audio calls for free of charge to anyone who uses also Skype. Instant messages and file deliveries are also free. Video calls between two people are free but including more people in to a videoconference requires monthly payment. Skype enables also calling on dial-up and sending SMS, these services are paid although considered fairly economical.

Technical function of the service is considered to be efficient and liable. Connection can be opened almost everywhere and complied in many web situations. Web traffic is well encrypted.

Skype traffic proceeds using changing proxies which locations are not known. Proxies are located in all around the world. Skype tells quite little about the changing methods considering encryption keys. Proxies access to encryption keys are unknown so as possible forward transfer.

Same conduit is used for both file transmission and videoconference which limits confidential files out of the service based on security reasons.

Skype gathers much confidential information about the user (email addresses and passwords, Facebook account information etc., all information is not mandatory though but acceptable to give, Skype does not save all this kind of information). Personal data and cookies may be used for customized marketing. Skype uses user`s profile information (non-personally identifiable data such as age, language etc.) for promotional purposes and that information may be given to third parties also for a marketing purposes. User can deny this kind of marketing by prohibiting the use of his profile data. Prohibition does not exclude all advertisements.

Microsoft is obligated to convey information to USA intelligence officers when required (FISA legislation).

Changes in Terms of service are informed in Skype`s internet site only.

+ Personal data will not be given to third parties except for rare occasions (but no marketing purposes)
+ Technical functioning is considered to be good and liable
+ Traffic encryption is considered to be liable
+ Skype Communications SARL is registered in Luxemburg and according to Microsoft it is answering local legislation
+/- Tailored advertising can be opt-out but it does not include all advertisement

- Changes in Terms of Service announced only on the site
- Little known of the encryption methods and keys, proxies unknown location
- Microsoft`s obligation to give information to the USA intelligence officers
- Gathers much confidential information about the user


With service registration
Microsoft account
Facebook account


servicedesk (at) aalto.fi

Support site

Service provider

Skype INC, a division of Microsoft Corp.

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