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The university is the owner of this service. Users of the service are always provided with support by the University IT unit or collaboration partner.



Oodi is a University owned service. Purpose of the Oodi is to support teaching and studying in University. Enrollments into courses, study register administration and personal study plans are made via Oodi. Teachers can use Oodi for observing teaching, editing course information, founding new teaching groups, and sending emails to participating students etc.

Valuation (14.1.2014)

For students Oodi is mostly a service enabling course and examine enrollments and observation of personal student registry. Personal curriculums are also made via Oodi.

For teachers Oodi offers tools to edit particular course information and execute certain actions regarding course activity. For the officials of the University Oodi consists of three different parts: student, teaching and study information systems. Study information system includes actions considering student information, offering of the education, degree requirements etc.

Oodi is widely used among University`s in Finland. It has been developed together so that it supports well different education administration processes.


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