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Level C, Evaluated cloud services

The service is created and maintained by a third party. As a rule, no support is provided for the use of the service.

Any material or discussions intended for Aalto University members only shall not be processed using C level services.

Keep in mind that public cloud services often disclose information to third parties, and may also claim ownership of the information or change licence terms and conditions without informing its users of the changes.

If the service use involves
(1) processing of personal data, (2) processing of secret material,  (3) processing of bank details, (4) administration requirements, (5) requirements for 24/7 usability, (6) licences, (7) costs, (8) a large number of users, (9) several units
always contact the 
Aalto IT services & help.


Evernote enables user to make and save notes, files and images and synchronize them to multiple devices. Notes can be written notes or voice recordings. The service has a search function that covers also handwritten notes and text in pictures. There is both a basic, free-of-charge version and a premium version available.

Terms of Service


Privacy Policy


Valuation (2.6.2020)

User information is shared with third parties in limited circumstances e.g. with user’s consent, to fulfill product or service requests or when there is a legal requirement to do so. User retains copyright in the content submitted, posted or displayed on or through the service. User has to grant Evernote a license to display, perform and distribute the content and to modify and reproduce such content to enable Evernote to operate the service. Copyright infringements are handled under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

+ User retains copyright in the content submitted to the service

- Changes to privacy policy are announced only at the site.


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Evernote Corporation

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