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Level B, Service maintained by Aalto University or its collaboration partner

The service may be taken to use by the university units and groups without separate authorisation. The administrator of the service may also be external to the university.



Dropbox is a file sharing service that automatically synchronizes files from users’ computers and other devices for file backup, access and sharing. In addition to sharing files Dropbox can be used simply for saving files.

Dropbox supports several platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, and some other mobile platforms.

Please note that the service is primarily intended for consumer use. As there is no support for the service, information cannot be recovered in case when a specific person is enable to log in to the service in case of an illness etc. Thus, there is a risk of losing a considerable amount of information.

Terms of Service


Privacy Policy


Valuation (15.11.2017)

Dropbox folders linked to a desktop computer client will contain copies of the uploaded files. Dropbox applies encryption to the files after they have been uploaded and manages the encryption keys but users who wish to manage their own encryption keys and/or increase the level of security can apply encryption before placing files in their Dropbox. A possible encryption service is Boxcryptor. Other possible options are Truecrypt, GNU-Pgp or 7zip + AES encryption. When encrypting files before uploading them, some Dropbox features will not be available, such as creating public links.

+ The user reserves the ownership to the uploaded files and information
+ Dropbox does not have the right to use the uploaded files and information except when it is needed to run the service
+ Material changes to the terms of use or to the privacy policy will be notified to the user e.g. by e-mail
+ Dropbox provides the users with a transparency report regrading user information requests by law enforcement at https://www.dropbox.com/transparency
+ A "freemium" business model. Basic version of the service is free-of-charge while more space can be purchased for a fee.
+ Dropbox does not sell personal information regarding the use to third parties.
+/- When monitoring the use of the service Dropbox uses Google Analytics. Kindly note opting-out is available at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en

- Dropbox collects a large amount of personal information regarding the users (e.g.log data, such as IP address, browser type, the web page visited before the user came to the website, cookies)
- Dropbox may correlate log data and cookies with personal information
- There have been information security problems with the service


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Dropbox Inc.

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