Aalto Cloud Info


Level C, Evaluated cloud services

The service is created and maintained by a third party. As a rule, no support is provided for the use of the service.

Any material or discussions intended for Aalto University members only shall not be processed using C level services.

Keep in mind that public cloud services often disclose information to third parties, and may also claim ownership of the information or change licence terms and conditions without informing its users of the changes.

If the service use involves
(1) processing of personal data, (2) processing of secret material,  (3) processing of bank details, (4) administration requirements, (5) requirements for 24/7 usability, (6) licences, (7) costs, (8) a large number of users, (9) several units
always contact the 
account managers.



Doodle is a paid service used for timetabling meetings. Some calendar reservations can still be made free of charge, after that service offers monthly paid version. 

Terms of service

Doodle is not recommended for scheduling meetings among Aalto personnel. University personnel can use Outlook for that and also send calendar invitations to people outside Aalto. If the receiver uses Outlook will he get invitations in his calendar, with other e-mail services will he get the invitation in the textbox. Outlook reservations can be seen and updated through workstation and smartphone. 

Refrain from giving your whole name when using the service.


Aalto University does not give support to this service.

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