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The university is the owner of this service. Users of the service are always provided with support by the University IT unit or collaboration partner.

Aalto-yliopiston AlumniNET


AlumniNET is a networking portal provided by Aalto University to former Aalto University students.

AlumniNET provides users with possibilities to network with new and old contacts, receive invitations to excursions and seminars, stay updated on the latest research and university news, update their CV and contact details and share thoughts with other users.

Terms of use


Valuation (03.10.2017)

Personal data collected in the portal include user’s contact and educational details.The portal has three levels of privacy settings. The user may choose to grant rights to see his personal data to 1) All users in the AlumniNET portal, 2) User’s contacts and the admin personnel of the AlumniNET, or 3) Only the admin personnel of AlumniNET.

Data from the register may be given out for internal use at Aalto University, e.g. service, vacancies, events and education marketing. Otherwise the information from the register can be handed over to opinion polls or marketing research only with the person’s consent.

Alumni Relations office reserves the rights to handle and update all the information and data that users have entered in the portal. Alumni Relations office doesn’t have rights to sell or otherwise forward user information outside Aalto University or it’s Student Union to any third party.

+ The portal has different privacy setting options.
+ User information cannot be transferred to any third party outside Aalto University.


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