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The university is the owner of this service. Users of the service are always provided with support by the University IT unit or collaboration partner.

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Aalto Wiki is a tool for studies, research, teaching and administration.There are two types of wiki work spaces available: personal wiki pages and collaboration wiki pages. Both wiki spaces can be configured to allow or restrict users. Aalto employees can create both personal and collaboration wiki pages as Aalto Wiki’s primary purpose are to support Aalto university courses and personnel. Aalto students can create personal wiki pages. Anonymous userscan view and comment on non-restricted content. Non-Aalto users can create public accounts in order to participate in collaboration wiki spaces or subscribe to a certain content of interest.  
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Valuation (6.4.2020)

Aalto Wiki is primarily a tool for studies, research, teaching and administration. Private use is allowed only to a small extent. Wikis may be used in teaching for instance when creating course material. Aalto Wiki enables users to create pages to the work spaces in hierarchical order and add attachments to pages. Reading and modifying rights may be restricted on an individual or a group level.

When the privacy settings of a wiki platform are duly set, the work space may also be used for handling confidential or personal data. It should be noted that anonymous users can view and comment on non-restricted content. Comments can be moderated.

Personal data is stored 24 months from the latest login or as long as the service can be offered for the user.
Collected personal data cannot be given to third parties.

+ Collected personal data cannot be given to third parties.
+ The service does not require submitting large amounts of personal data.


By service registration or with an Aalto or HAKA account.


No user support specifically for Aalto Wiki. Please contact servicedesk(a)aalto.fi.


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