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The university is the owner of this service. Users of the service are always provided with support by the University IT unit or collaboration partner.

Aalto Blogs


Aalto Blogs is a blog platform for Aalto students and personnel. Any Internet user can read and comment on the blogs published on Aalto Blogs platform without a requirement of registration.

A blog gives an opportunity for a certain course, project, club or individual to receive coverage and publicity. Aalto Blogs may also be used in teaching as a platform for e.g. course announcements, group work assignments, learning diaries and presenting research results.

Creating and operating a blog requires an valid Aalto account. Aalto Blogs users are able to invite other Aalto account users to contribute to their blog and grant modifying rights to them.

Valuation (6.4.2020)

A blog consists of blog posts that are presented on the first page of the blog in order of publication. In addition to blog posts, a blog may contain pages with permanent information such as information regarding the user. Such pages enable the use of a blog as a light version of a homepage. A user may add photos and multimedia files to the blog posts and pages. Blog posts can be classified based on their subjects.

Blog posts and pages can be commented as a registered user. An admin of a blog may remove and modify the comments made to the blog.

An admin of a blog can grant subscriber, contributor, author, editor and administrator rights to other Aalto account users. Thus, other users may add blog posts, remove comments and operate the blog. An admin of a blog may also alter the settings of the blog e.g. so that all the comments require a prior approval or that comments will be automatically removed after a certain period.

The possibilities to edit the appearance of a blog are limited. The theme of a blog is unified but for instance the function bar in the right edge of the blog may be edited.

The blogs can also be followed by subscribing to a blog RSS. Aalto Blogs automatically creates the RSS feeds.

+ Free of charge platform with multiple means of use
+ Multiple users may create content to a single blog
+ Comments made by other users can be restricted

- Limited possibilities to edit the appearance of the blog


Creating and operating a blog requires an Aalto account. 




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