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HOX HOX! Important notices!

Updated and latest info and summaries can be found here: Summaries and info

The meetings take place every Wednesday at 10am. During the coronavirus situation, the meeting takes place virtually on Zoom:

DateSpeaker (longer updates)Presentation (Title + slides)
30/10Aurélien Nioche + P.-Alexandre Murena

Active Teaching: Why it is not a bandit + Graphical models for inference

30/09Nishtha Vaidya

AI-assisted design of interventions: A Formulation for Sequentially Teaching Causal Tasks to Humans

16/09Umberto Simola

Exoplanets Detection


09/09Jussi Jokinen

Machines that understand people

02/09Antti Keurulainen

Improving co-operation through agent modelling

19/08Sebastiaan de Peuter

AI-assisted design

12/08Andrew Howes

Implications of Human Irrationality for Reinforcement Learning

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