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  • Umberto, Pedram, Suyog, Anni, Fabio, Antti O., Julien, Kashyap, Antti K., Pierre-Alexandre, Sami, Mert, Aurelién


  • suggestion: discuss about the Modeling Made Easy in a separated meeting and then update the progress during the WAI meeting.

Discussion items

Suyog and Julien


Antti O.

In meeting

  • Antti O.: Bayesian Methods for Interaction CUP: the list of contributors is on its way. If there are suggestions on authors, just propose them to Antti O.

  • Suyog (intro): there is un unknown distribution that generated the real data. There are then several priors' candidates (objective priors) and their corresponding posterior. Model selection is the important step here. The second study is about what happens when the statistical test (e.g. Likelihood Ratio Test) rejects the null hypothesis might it will be because of some biases (to be cleaned up with defining suitable priors).

  • Julien (intro): connection information theories to the bases (talk today 2pm).

Action items

  • Antti K. to provide a longer update next week
  • Mert  to provide a longer update next week 
  • Modeling Made Easy update
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