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  • Umberto, Kashyap, Lukas, Pedram, Pierre-Alexandre, Fabio


  • Pierre-Alexandre to introduce his researches

Discussion items


intro research

In meeting


  • There are several research ideas based on multiple agents (exchange information and how to formalize it):
    1. Analogical reasoning (e.g. Grammar acquisition)
    2. Minimal Complexity Transformation to solve grammatical analogies
    3. Unsupervised Domain Adaptation (training and test sets are different)
    4. Data Stream (generating distribution does evolve over time)
    5. Multisource clustering (agents exchange information in order to improve clustering)
  • Novel ideas, based on previous works' open questions might be:
    1. improve RL 
    2. intervention of the user to stop the AI
    3. compression schemes (data reduction): in particular looking for an optimal reduction with theoretical justifications
    4. Belief revision (updating the beliefs of the user by adding further info) and belief mergin (fusion of various beliefs)
    5. Recommender system in order to make our works available for RecSys.

Action items

  • set agenda for next week
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