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TIVI-O 2014

TIVI-O is an unconference about educational technologies in university education. The event is built by participant suggestions and forming spontaneous groups around given suggestions.

Program will be created by participants. Suggest a new theme or add your name to an existing theme if you wish to introduce, facilitate or take part in the conversation. You need to log in before you can edit this wiki. Aalto- or HAKA-authentication is required.

Suggestions so far:

  1. What tools can we provide for teachers to support students longer study processesVOTES 5
    1. a system that pairs up a mentor and mentee with a common keyword
    2. when teacher and student share a common topic, they're both more motivated to work together
    3. there are several layers of peer reviews before the teacher reads the work
    4. traffic light system which shows the mentor where the student is struggling
  2. Should there be a Nordic MOOC? VOTES 4
    1. 70% of Aalto Univesity students didn't know what MOOCs are (EDUCA study)
    2. Currently american MOOCs are the big provider, could nordic MOOCs provide something the US can't?
  3. Best tools to create lecture videos without pain. Dream Broker, Camtasia, Screencastomatic, others? VOTES 8
    1. studying without restrictions in time and space. What tools can enable new kind of studying?
    2. Tools to create lecture videos, with new pedagogical thinking
    3. tools that enable real-time interaction combined to the video
  4. "Teaching support" -portal/webpage for Aalto teachers with all the necessary information to run a successful class VOTES X
  5. Mobile phones are common in Africa, they are used as wallets, communications etc. VOTES X
    1. How to take advantage of mobile phone technology while offline?
    2. Farmers can check the best price for their crops online
  6. Blended guidance & navigation system VOTES X"[M/P]oodle ate my essay!" Dissociated responsibilityand ICT in Higher Education
    1. mobile device support for indoor navigation
    2. dataglasses with map overlay
    3. Blindsquare for visually impaired, can also aid others
  7. e-Study Plan and Monitor Guide
    1. eHOPS, opintojen etenemisen seurantaa

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14th of March, 2014
9.00 - 15.00


Otakaari 1, Espoo
Space: Student hub (Y162a), near the Service Desk


Enroll to TIVI-O here!

People who have enrolled to so far:

  1. Marko Riimala / Aalto-yliopisto
  2. Lauri Saarinen / Aalto-yliopisto
  3. Jere Majava / Helsingin yliopisto
  4. Antti Raike / Aalto-yliopisto
  5. Minna Vänskä / Aalto-yliopisto (flunssassa)
  6. Outi Rautakoura / Aalto-yliopisto TOST Vipu
  7. Mikael Kivelä / Universitas Helsingiensis (sairaana)
  8. Antero Aunesluoma / Helsingfors Universitet
  9. Tarmo Toikkanen / Aalto-yliopisto (sairaana)
  10. Anni Rytkönen / Helsingin yliopisto
  11. Juhana Nieminen / Aalto-yliopisto
  12. Petri Silmälä / Metropolia-ammattikorkeakoulu
  13. Marja Silenti / Helsingin yliopisto (lapset kipeänä)
  14. Ulla Lehtonen / Helsingin yliopisto
  15. Satu Kekäläinen / Aalto-yliopisto
  16. Janne Lummaa / Aalto-yliopisto
  17. Arafatul Hasan / Helsingin Metropolia AMK
  18. Taina Joutsenvirta / Helsingin yliopisto
  19. Kristian Lindqvist / Helsingin yliopisto
  20. Mari Jussila / Helsingin yliopisto, opetusteknologiakeskus
  21. Jukka Kuikanvirta / Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu
  22. Peter Simontschuk / Aalto-yliopisto
  23. Esa Salmio / Aalto-yliopisto
  24. Teemu Leinonen / Aalto-universitetet
  25. Janne Kallis / Aalto-yliopisto
  26. Thomas Vikberg / Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö
  27. Jaakko Kurhila / Helsingin yliopisto
  28. Miira Sarkki/ Aalto-yliopiston kirjasto
  29. Eila Rämö / Aalto-yliopiston kirjasto

Remember to include your topic ideas here!