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International Conference in Art Education

Taken place from 24th to 25th April 2008

The conference was hosted by the University of Art and Design Helsinki, School of Art Education together with the ArtBeat researchers.

The conference concentrated on the multiple character of art process and the relationship between art and art education. The theme was constructed under the concept of art experience: How experience is recognized in art and other artistic processes? What is the relationship between artistic process and art process? How do the changes in the field of art "affect" art education?

Some papers presented are given in SYNNYT/ORIGINS 4 | 2008

1-12 Museum education and the "desiring eye" / Illeris Helene

13-18 Intergenerational dialogical art / Heikkinen Riitta

19-21 Arts-based art teaching - stories of art teachers / Vitola Ilze

22-39 Itsen ja toisen kohtaamisesta varhaiskasvatuksen opiskelijan performanssissa / Rastas Riitta

40-51 "Spraycan leads" - the urban paradox of graffiti / Malinen Piritta

52-60 Taidekokemus oppimiskokemuksena / Venäläinen Päivi

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