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I will be uploading the content regarding the RF transmission here.

I found the foll. info reg S and X band tx which could be used for basic references:  (All the papers can be accessed through IEEE Xplore)

1. Space qualified S band transmitter for GPS data modulation for the Brazilian Technological Satellite

Tosetto, I.  Araujo, R.  Goncalves, C.  Rodrigues, J.A. 
INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil 

This paper appears in: Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference, 2003. IMOC 2003. Proceedings of the 2003 SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International
Issue Date: 20-23 Sept. 2003
Volume: 1
On page(s): 513 - 517 vol.1

2. An X band transmitter for satellite communication

Sen, O.A.;   Sunay, H.K.;   Dudak, C.;  
Sci. & Tech. Res. Council of Turkey, Middle East Tech. Univ., Ankara, Turkey 

This paper appears in: Recent Advances in Space Technologies, 2003. RAST '03. International Conference on. Proceedings of
Issue Date: 20-22 Nov. 2003
On page(s): 444 - 447

3. High data rate X band transmitter for small satellites: design considerations

Timothy, K.I. Tan Soo Hie
Sch. of Electr. & Electron. Eng., Nanyang Technol. Univ., Singapore, Singapore

This paper appears in: Vehicular Technology Conference, 2004. VTC2004-Fall. 2004 IEEE 60th
Issue Date :  26-29 Sept. 2004
Volume :  7
On page(s): 4660 - 4662 Vol. 7

4. X-Band High Data Rate Trellis Coded 8PSK Transmitter for Earth Observation Satellite Data Transmission

Cartier, N. Flament, C. Albinet, S. Oster, J. Buret, H. Lesthievent, G.

Alcatel Space Industries BP 1187 26 av. JF. Champollion 31037 Toulouse Cedex, France.

This paper appears in: Microwave Conference, 2001. 31st European
Issue Date :  24-26 Sept. 2001
On page(s): 1 - 4

5. High data rate 8PSK transmitter for X-band payload telemetry

Cartier, N. Oster, J. Lesthievent, G.
Alcatel Space, Toulouse

This paper appears in: Radar Conference, 2005. EURAD 2005. European
Issue Date :  6-7 Oct. 2005
On page(s): 93 - 96

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  1. Here some more:

    X-band transponder Cubesat mission:

    LMRST-Sat: A Small, High Value-to-Cost Mission

    A very nice thesis about Cubesat communication system, also X-band issues discussed: 

    Design of a Communication and Navigation Subsystem for a CubeSat Mission

    Another thesis on Cubesat communications system


  2. I decided to go ahead with S band for the downlink. The power required seems to be on the higher side. I also tried finding on whether i could find the G/T ratio of the antenna at sodankyla observatory to get a rough estimate but i didn't find the details anywhere. Also, AMSAT allocated frequency is above 10GHz for x band. (There is also a question on who gets the license as it is granted only to individuals). Antenna performance etc will come down at high frequencies with rain/snow as well as attenuation. I haven't made exact calculations but mainly power requirement will be high and also lack of general availability of x band hardware made me decide to stick with s band.

    1. I think it is a good decision. Tomorrow in the meeting we will see how we proceed and specify the design.

  3. The link for AMSAT guidelines is given here

    They have given issues on licensing etc and about data availability etc. So, we also need to look into this and decide on the frequencies. Also, the foll issue is mentioned in the above link:

     Our satellite will carry cameras that will take pictures of the separation sequence for xyz corporation, builders of the multiple payload adaptor.  We will give them the pictures.  They require we don't make them public in case they show something embarrassing or something that didn't work right.  Is that OK?

    A:        No.  Every transmission from an amateur station must be in 'plain language' or, in other words, in the clear.  In the clear means that (1) technical descriptions of all emissions, codes, and formats are made publicly and widely available; and (2) technical descriptions must be sufficient to enable any technically competent licensed amateur radio operator to use the system.  As a consequence, of course, all transmissions will be open to reception by anyone.  (Encryption for critical spacecraft telecommand functions is accepted.) -

    Also, xyz Corporation has a financial interest in the communication resulting in commercial use of an amateur station, which is not permitted.

    Will VTT want the spectrometer data to itself/ is it available to everyone because if we use the amsat allocated frequencies, others should also be able to access the same. Also, the issue of how we license the frequency because, if we go with AMSAT, one individual should take the responsibility. (All details are given in the above link).

    (The Danish satellite uses AMSAT frequency)

    1. I think the open code does not pose any problem for us. We will do the technology demonstration and no harm is done if someone looks our pictures. The scientific analysis of the results will be left for us anyhow. There is nothing under patent or secret in the measured images from our side.

      1. These rules however should be stated also to our partners, like VTT.

  4. I think you should move over to Forge. I created the page Radio link for you.

  5. Okay. Will move over to forge.

    Another link to IARU's Amateur radio satellite frequency co ordination. There are a lot of guidelines on getting the requisite frequency allocation, co ordination etc.

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