Schedule for Spring 2023

  • The first Wiki work period: 23.1.–26.2.
    • During this time, you will create the first version of your Wiki project.
    • You must choose your topic by Monday 6.2. so that you will have enough time to work on the first version.
    • Peer-review stage: 27.2–5.3. 
      • After the peer review, you will get further Wiki editor comments by 10.3. 
      • You can then revise your Wiki project based on the peer review and editor comments.
  • The final checkpoint for the Wiki project: Monday 20.3. 
    • Grading will be done based on the version that is ready on this date. 

General instructions

The planned workload for the Wiki project is approximately 40 hours.

There are two possible ways to complete the Wiki project:

1. Create a completely new Wiki page.

  • List of possible Wiki project topics contains some suggestions.
  • You can also suggest your own topic. For example: Synthesis method, characterization method, some interesting solid-state material, etc.

2. Revise one or more existing Wiki pages.

  • Have a look at some of the existing pages. If there is a topic that interests you and you think you will be able to significantly improve the existing page, this is a very good target for your project.
  • You may revise several existing pages if you want.
  • Creating new high-quality figures is very valuable work.
  • All figures added/changed during the revision must be compatible with the open access licensing of this Wiki (please see below).


All original content created for this Wiki is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Figures from other sources may have been published under other licenses, typically Creative Commons or Public Domain. The license for each external figure is stated in the Figure caption. All figures taken from other sources must be licensed in a way that is compatible with the open access licensing of the Wiki. Preferably Creative Commons or Public Domain. Please ask the teacher if you are unsure.

Practical steps

  1. Write down a short Wiki work plan in MyCourses (1-3 sentences).
    1. If you want to modify the plan later, that is perfectly fine.
  2. Create your materials according to the instructions: How to write Wiki pages
    1. Please read at least the first section on the page How to write Wiki pages to avoid problems that may affect the grading of your project.
    2. The Wiki has a Sandbox where you can test the various features of the Wiki editor.
  3. Peer review phase 
    1. Check from the Wiki work plan, whose Wiki content you are expected to review 
    2. Carry out the peer review, following the Peer review instructions
  4. Revise your materials based on the peer review comments
    1. See the section Replying to peer review comments on the page Peer review instructions
  5. Complete the Final submission for the Wiki project in MyCourses.


The grading criteria of the Wiki project can be viewed in MyCourses, inside the assignment Final submission for the Wiki project.

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