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With timing templates, you can see the recommended academic years and periods in which to take courses and study modules. It is highly recommended that you use them if you plan to study according to the recommended schedule. By using the templates, you also save time, since you don't need to place each course separately on the timeline.

In the Timeline view, you can access the timing template by clicking Timing template on the left side of the timeline view. The timing template panel will then open in the selection assistant on the left side. From the dropdown menu, choose the correct timing template. Select Use template and you will see that the courses that have period timing and that you have chosen in the Structure of studies view for your study plan will now be scheduled on the timeline.

View of Timeline and Timing templates. In the picture Timing template dropdown bar is open and showing the timing templates user have access to.

If the timeline has courses that you have already placed or that you have already completed, the template will not overwrite them. You can reschedule or delete courses, as you can with any other course. 

If you delete a course or a study module in your study plan that is also in the timing template, the course or module will also be deleted from the template. If you add a course or a study module to your study plan, however, these will not be updated on your timing template automatically. In such a case, you must reselect the timing template and add the additions to it.

You can delete the timing template by using either the selection assistant (Remove all timings) or the three dots button (Remove all). Note: This function will also delete any courses that you have placed on the timeline yourself. You can also delete courses one by one by clicking the three dots button in each course and selecting Remove.

Timeline view where one course is selected, three dots has been clicked to open options, where you can select Remove from timeline, edit timing and move course. In the example Remove from timeline is about to be selected.

For more information, see the Timeline page for a video about the timeline and the timing templates.

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