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With timing templates you can see the recommended academic years and their periods of the courses and the study modules. It is highly recommended to use them if you study according to the recommended schedule. By using them you also save time, since you don't need to place each course separately to the timeline.

In the Timeline view, you can access the timing template by clicking Timing template in the left side of the timing area. The timing template pane opens to the selection assistant on the left side. From the dropdown menu choose the correct timing template. Select Use template, and the courses that you have chosen to your study plan in the Structure of studies view and that have periodic timing will be scheduled to the timeline.

If you have already placed courses to the timeline or completed courses, using the template won't overdrive these. And as any other courses, you can reschedule or delete them. 

If you delete a course or a study module in your study plan that is also in the timing template, these will also be deleted in the timing template. If you add a course or a study module to your study plan, these won't be updated to your timing template automatically. In this case, rechoose the same timing template to add the additions to the timing template.

You can delete the timing template either in the selection assistant (Remove all timings) or behind the three dots (Remove all). NB! This function will delete also the courses that you have placed to the timeline yourself. You can also delete courses one by one by clicking the three dots in each course and selecting Remove.

Watch also the video on the timeline and timing templates on the Timeline page.

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