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In the Timeline view you can place your courses to the academic years and periods in which you have planned to complete them. At the top of the view there is a timeline, in which the green line depicts your study right.

Start placing in the bottom by clicking the Add courses to the timeline button. A view, where all your personal study plan (PSP) courses are divided according to the study modules, openes up. You can place the courses to the timeline by clicking the arrow in the course.  

Take the cursor to the lined area towards the period where you wish to place the course. In the screenshot below cursor is taken to the yellow spot (period III). The text Place here appears.

You don't need to save the Timeline view, since it is done automatically.

You can make your own note in the top right corner behind the three dots (Add your own note). Behind the same button you can delete all the timings you have done (Remove all).

If you wish to see the summer periods, tick the box Show summer periods.

Remember also the Timing templates that your school may have done to ease the timing.

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