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Not all functionalities in study calendar are in use yet.

In Sisu, the normal order of work is as follows: studies are first planned in Structure of studies, then courses are placed in the Timeline and the timetable is planned in the Study calendar.

In the calendar, you can choose a week or a month view. By using the arrows on the top, you can move between the previous and the following weeks and months. 

Notes and teaching in calendar and how to export them into external calendar

You can add your own notes to the Study calendar. These can be also recurring. 

You can synchronise the notes (as well as the schedule of any courses you are taking) with the Office365 calendar. The Study calendar will be updated according to the Office365 principles.

You can also export the study calendar's notes and taught courses into an external calendar. Click the Export into external calendar button in the upper right corner of the calendar. The following window opens.

'Export into external calendar' window with a URL address one can copy

There are three tabs on the study calendar's right side, on the selection assistant.
The tabs are: Teaching not selected, Enrolment and Finished and discontinued.

  • On the tab Teaching not selected, you will find all the courses you haven't yet added to the timeline (They appear under the heading Not added to the timeline). The courses can be selected according to the study plan and you can switch between plans. If there is teaching in the course, it can be added to the calendar by clicking Continue to selections. The course completion methods opens, where you can select the correct method and add the teaching schedule to the calendar.
  • On the tab Enrolment you will find all your courses under enrolment status filters. There are, for instance, filters for courses where enrolment has not yet begun and for courses you have already enrolled in.
  • On the tab Finished and discontinued you will find taught courses which are finished or discontinued.

A view of the study calendar

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