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Date for version installation: 3 October 2022 at 17

The short summary below describes the changes introduced in Sisu’s new version from the viewpoint of Aalto University’s operations.e
The version introduces improvements and new features to Sisu’s student, teacher and administrative staff interfaces for example several accessibility improvements.

New features and improvements

Features for all users

  • ISO -standard "Not known" value will be added to Sisu gender codes.  All current genders with the value "Other" will be changed to "Not known" by Funidata in the installation of Sisu 2.9 version. The "Other" values according to Finnish Population Information System will be dated to Sisu soon. Aalto's instructions on how the gender values "Other" and "Not known" are used will be updated to Sisu instructions.

  • A course can now be given a value of R2-teaching (Swedish as a second language) or S2-teaching (Finnish as a second language). The classification can be usen when the target group for a course is students, for whom Swedish/Finnish is the second or foreign language, and the course learning objectives include getting familiar with the Finnish language or culture. The field is visible in Sisu, but the Aalto instructions on how to use it will be available later and updated to the Sisu HELP.


  • The student receives a reminder if they have not registered for a course, also when the implementation uses direct confirmation
  • Improvements to making own notes and deleting courses from the timeline
  • It is shown in applications and decisions if module content application has been made on behalf of the student
  • There are accessibility improvements in student's search view


No new features.

Administrative staff

  • Registering single custom course credit without student's application is possible. 
  • Substitution without application: course credits can be modified. 
  • Extension to study right decision: bug is fixed, presenter's and decision maker's info will show on the decision. 
  • If a module content application is made on behalf of a student, it can be seen who did it.

Translations of terms



  • Permission to record course substitution has been removed from courses responsible teacher.

Features that will be deployed later at Aalto University

  • Features for Open University will be deployed at Aalto University at a later stage.
  • Features for cross-institutional studies will be deployed at Aalto University at a later stage.
  • Quotas for course implementations will be introduced at Aalto later.

  • Administrative staff: It is possible to add degree programme specific questions for graduation request in the interface (requires a separate permission)

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