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Projected date for version installation: 24 January 2022

The short summary below describes the changes introduced in Sisu’s new version from the viewpoint of Aalto University’s operations.
Detailed version information is available in Funidata’s version release notes (in Finnish only). The version introduces improvements and new features to Sisu’s student, teacher and administrative staff interfaces.
Funidata is currently developing Sisu’s functionalities for Open University students as well.

NOTE! For the development of functionalities for the Open University, adding quotas to implementations is possible in Sisu (not to be taken into use in Aalto University yet). Due to this development the value in the field Number of seats (usually 2112) will be shown also for the students in the course brochure (in the Registration tab under Teaching).

Moreover, there will be new Diploma Supplement -templates available in which several language of learning of the degree has been added in the required field. Also due to the harmonization of commendations, new templates have been made.

New features and improvements


  • When student confirms their registration for a course, they see a notification if the course they are registering for or correct version of it is not in their primary study plan. The notification also encoursges them to fix this.


  • The assessment of implementation functionality is redesigned in the teachers user interface. 
  • As a teacher you can filter and hide implementations in teachers My Teaching view. 
  • As a tutor you can remove a personal study plan and add a study draft into the students’ study plan.
  • As a teacher you can arrange registrations of students who have registered to your course implementation according to different fields in the student's information.

Administrative staff

  • As an administrative staff member you can set a time for the snapshot to the past
  • The administrative staff member can mark the study right as renounced into the future. 
  • The administrative staff can arrange registrations according to different fields in the student's information.
  • The administrative staff can delete personal study plans of the students, except primary plans for each study right.
  • The graduation date is available in the completed degrees in the study right view for graduated students.
  • Credit transfer and custom course credit applications will, by default, display the appeal instructions text provided by the administrator. In principle, there is no need to edit the help text.
  • The administrative staff can edit education in each snapshot.

  • There is no start date in the first snapshot in the study right (Study rights created, starting from version 2.6)
  • The paid tuition fee can be seen in the Students Payments and scholarships – Payment -view.
  • The administrative staff can move the transfer student, who has the transfer data marked in their study right, to another university.

Translations of terms

  • The english terms listed below are changed into a more working form.
    • New term: Registration (the term enrolment was used before)
    • New term: Assessment (the term evaluation was used before)
    • New term: Compile (Study modules/degree)
  • The terms below are unified because there have been different english translations in Sisu for finnish terms.
    • Opetusryhmä: teaching group
    • Toistuvuus: recurrence
    • Tarkentava valinta: specifying selection
    • Paikka: seat


  • The administator can set the default appeal instructions text that are seen in the credit transfer and custom course credit applications

Features that will be deployed later at Aalto University

  • Sisu’s features for Open University students will be deployed at Aalto University at a later stage.
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