Projected date for version installation: 1 November, 2021

The summary below describes the changes introduced in Sisu’s new version from the viewpoint of Aalto University’s operations.
Detailed version information is available in Funidata’s version release notes (in Finnish only). The version introduces improvements and new features to Sisu’s student, teacher and administrative staff interfaces.
Funidata is currently developing Sisu’s functionalities for Open University students as well.

New features and improvements

  • As a student, your personal information now includes paid scholarships and tuition fees.
  • As a student, when you fill in applications for substitution and inclusion of studies, you need to fill in a language of learning which is now mandatory information.
  • As a student, you can see the name of the teacher in the course info sheet.
  • The ‘My teaching’ view for teachers has been redesigned. ‘My teaching’ now displays the course implementations in which you are listed as a teacher in charge, a contact person, an administrative staff member or the teacher of one of the teaching groups. Ongoing and future teaching is now divided into four categories: upcoming implementations, registration, ongoing implementations, and to be assessed. By default, a maximum of five courses are displayed in each category. To see all courses in each category, use the ‘show more implementations’ function.
  • As an administrative staff member or advisor, you can set a student’s personal study plan (HOPS) as their primary one.
  • As an administrative staff member or advisor, you can switch between course versions and select a completion method in the ‘course info’ view.
  • As an administrative staff member, you can set the status of the mobility of an outgoing student as ‘virtual mobility’.
  • As an administrative staff member, you can change a student’s non-attending status to attending, even for past terms.
  • As an administrative staff member, you can see the language of learning a student has filled in on their application for substitution or inclusion of studies.
  • When you as an administrative staff member print out a transcript of records for a student and select to include all the studies the student has completed for every right to study they have, the student’s rights to study are listed in chronological order. The student’s secondary address is printed on the transcript of records.
  • As an administrative staff member, you can see all the details of the courses that a student has completed in the ‘Student information’ section (Completed Studies → Passed credits).

Features that will be deployed later at Aalto University

Sisu’s features for Open University students will be deployed at Aalto University at a later stage.

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