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Date for version installation: 12 December 2022 at 17

The short summary below describes the changes introduced in Sisu’s new version from the viewpoint of Aalto University’s operations.
The version introduces improvements and new features to Sisu’s student, teacher and administrative staff interfaces for example several accessibility improvements.

New features and improvements



No new features.

Administrative staff

  • Attainments can now be misregistered in the interface. This happens in Student info, Completed credits and choose the attainment you want to misregister.  
  • You can also misregister credit transfer attaiments and custom course credits the same way. The application nor the decision do not change when misregistering the attainment.
  • Asiointi-näkymässä muutoksia: näkymästä on poistettu hakemuksen tunniste ja lisätty opiskelijan opiskeluoikeuden koulutus. (Se koulutus mihin hakemus kohdistuu). Tunnisteella voi edelleen hakea ja se näytetään hakemuksessa. Näkymää ei voi järjestää eikä rajata koulutus-tiedon perusteella. 
  • In Transactions view: the code of the application is no longer visible. The education to which the application is based on is visible. You can still make a search with the code. View cannot be organised based on the education.  
  • Paid tuition fees can be registered in the interface. More information this later. 
  • You can now nullify the choices in a student's Education Path. This is used to fix a rare error when handling a request for graduation, when the Education Path and the Study Plan are mixed up.

New codes

  • The classification of courses includes more CEFR-levels
  • More types of teaching implementations have been added: blended teaching, contact teaching, distance teaching and electronic exams. These should not be used as types of implementations at Aalto at this stage, because if you use them, MyCourses workspaces will not be created.
  •  New codes have been added to and Degree regulations concerning Universities of Applied Sciences. Administrative staff might see these when adding or editing a study right. These codes are not used at Aalto and they can be ignored.

Translations of terms



Features that will be deployed later at Aalto University

  • Features for Open University will be deployed at Aalto University at a later stage.
  • Features for cross-institutional studies will be deployed at Aalto University at a later stage.
  • Quotas for course implementations will be introduced at Aalto later.

  • Administrative staff: It is possible to add degree programme specific questions for graduation request in the interface (requires a separate permission)

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