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[in Finnish]

Any information that does not match with WebOodi will not be transferred to Sisu. At the moment, WebOodi is still the primary source of information.

You will find your My profile pages in the menu under your name.

My profile contains the following tabs.

 Basic information

Basic information consists of three parts: Personal information, Contact information and Disclosure of information.

Personal information contains your name and language. At the moment, we are transferring only the following information from WebOodi: First names, Preferred first name, Last name, Student number, Gender and Preferred language.

Contact information and Disclosure of information have not been transferred.

 Study rights

The Study rights tab contains the sections Basic information, Progress, Attendance, Education path and Other confirmed selections related to the study right.

Basic information has the following fields. Most of the fields are visible once you click text Show details.

  • Validity period: the period for which your study right is valid (dates)
  • Organisation: the organisation of your study right
  • Regulations on the normatice duration of study: Defines the regulations concerning your right to study. It affects the duration of the study right. At the moment, all students have the message ‘No automatic calculation’ here. The current information is in WebOodi.
  • Decree on university degrees: The decree that regulates your studies
  • Degree regulations: Degree regulation od the School or Aalto University that regulates your studies
  • Date of issue: the date your study right was granted
  • Studies started: the date you actually started your studies

Progress will give you information on your completed degrees once Sisu has been implemented as the master data system. NOTE: For the time being, everyone will see the text “No completed degrees” since the information here depicts only degrees compiled in Sisu. Currently, the degrees are compiled in Oodi.

Attendance depicts your registrations. The information is transferred from Weboodi.

Education path depicts your study right. If you have a two-level degree (pursuing both a bachelor's and a master’s degree), you will see information on your bachelor's degree programme and major on the left and information on the available master's programmes on the right. If you have a one-level degree, you will see either your master's programme or your doctoral programme on the left. Completed degrees are depicted as symbols, which are described below the structure. Learning opportunity depicts your study option.

Other confirmed selections related to the study right will contain minors confirmed to your study right. The information is not yet transferred from WebOodi to Sisu.

 Course enrolments

The courses in which you are registered are transferred from WebOodi.

 Completed credits

Completed credits are listed in this order: Completed modules, Completed courses, Partially completed courses.

Note: Sisu contains only some partially completed courses.

You can switch the view between Passed credits and Failed and expired credits by clicking the down arrow (see snapshot below).

 Applications and requests

You can complete applications and get decisions through Sisu. All applications that you make in Sisu and their decisions are listed here.

This information is also available in the Messages section.

Note: The free edit mode and the Content approval application form applies only to personal study plans (HOPS) completed in accordance with a valid right to study.


The list on the Groups page shows all the groups you belong to. Target groups are used as criteria to rank students who have registered for courses of limited size (not yet in use). Tutoring groups are used for study guidance purposes.


Under Payments you will find the student union's fee paid with term registration, and other possible membership fees for student associations if you've paid the fee alongside the student union's fee. The payment information is not yet transferred from WebOodi to Sisu.