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Note: According to Sisu’s implementation timetable, starting from 9 August 2021, all students will register for courses through Sisu only. Before this date, registration still takes place through WebOodi and you will not receive messages concerning registration or changes to course schedules on Sisu.

After you have registered for a course, you may receive two types of messages: automatic and custom messages.

Automatic messages about changes to course schedules

Sisu sends automatic messages to students when a teaching event is cancelled, a teaching group is cancelled or the time or location of a teaching group changes. Sisu only sends these messages to students who have been selected or preselected to participate in a course. Messages are also sent to students who Sisu has, during preliminary assignment of students into groups, tentatively placed in a teaching group that has now changed.

The subject line of these automatic messages is Changes in teaching. The message includes a link to your study calendar. Follow the link to edit to your course registration if the registration period has not ended yet and you need to make changes.


Automatic reminders of missing course registrations

If you have added to your calendar a course that uses standard enrolment (that is, the usual way of registering for courses) but you have not registered for it yet, Sisu will remind you to register. Sisu will send the reminder to you a week before the registration period ends. You will receive only one reminder per course. Sisu will also send you a reminder if the registration period of a course you add to your calendar is going to end in less than a week.

Sisu sends out these messages at 6.00 and 18.00. Sisu sends the messages only to students who have added the course to their study calendar after the previous batch of reminders were sent.

Sisu sends no reminders for courses for which students can register using enrolment with direct confirmation. In addition, no reminders are sent for courses that are open for late registration.


Custom messages concerning teaching

Teachers can use Sisu to send messages they have written manually to students who have registered for their courses.

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