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Viestien hallinta

Please note that you do not get notifications or messages from Sisu to your email, so you need to check the new messages in Sisu!

The functionalities described below will be in use in Sisu from the beginning of August 2020 onwards.

You see the recent messages in the page my tutored students in Sisu.

You can go to messages and notifications also from the speech bubble icon on the top right corner of the page.

  • Unread message(thread) is shown on grey backround
    • if there are multiple unread messages in the thread, the amount of unread messages is shown in a red circle
    • if there is only one unread message in the thread, the amount of all messages in the thread is shown in a grey circle
  • Read message(thread) is shown on white backround
    • the amount of messages in the thread is shown in a grey circle

On the messages and notifications page you can mark the messages and notifications as read/unread or archive them from the menu behind the three dots. The action that you choose will be performed to all the messages that you have chosend from the list. You can also search for messages considering a certain student by using the student's name or student number or different search filters. Below you will find all the filter criteria that is currently in use at Aalto.

  • general comment: a comment targeted at the whole study plan

  • comment on the study module
  • comment on the course
  • module content approval: an application made in the Free edit mode
  • module content approval for a module that requires approval: a study module or a degree programme that is set to require approval

When you open a message or a notification, you can mark it as read/unread or archive it or return it to inbox (if you have archived it before).

You can see also the page Redirection of messages.

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