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This page will contain instructions on how to request graduation through Sisu.

See the section Request for graduation to find out when you can submit a request for graduation and how to do it through Sisu. The section also includes instructions on how to check whether your request for graduation has been approved or rejected.

Your graduation request will be based on your personal study plan (HOPS) that is in force at the time. Any subsequent changes to your HOPS will not be taken into account in your request for graduation. Note: you can only request graduation on the basis of your primary HOPS. If you submit a request for graduation for an incorrect degree programme or specifying selection, your request may be rejected and you may be asked to select a degree programme that matches your study right. You can submit a request for graduation only if your right to study is active (you are an attending student and your right to study has not expired). Study modules are graded when you are graduating unless otherwise instructed.

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